aviation: Insolvent FTI cancels all trips from July 6, 2024


The insolvency administrator Axel Bierbach has announced the final cancellation of all trips booked through FTI after July 6, 2024. Around 175,000 package tours are affected, which together amount to a high three-digit million amount. Despite intensive efforts and negotiations, it was not possible to find a solution to take over the bookings, Bierbach informed.

Following the decision of the creditors’ committee, FTI immediately began notifying the affected customers, travel agencies and hoteliers about the cancellations. This included all package tours and certain individual services booked through FTI Touristik, Big Xtra and the 5 vor Flug brand.

Bierbach stressed that he had worked hard with the German Travel Insurance Fund to find a solution to handle the trips that had already been booked. The fund could have worked with the transferees to offset reimbursement claims, but this was not feasible.

Customers now have the option of switching to offers from other tour operators. Travel agencies can help with this. However, there is no consolation for those who have booked individual services such as flights or hotels through FTI, as they are not entitled to a refund.

According to Bierbach, the difficulties in finding a solution are also due to the fact that many local FTI partners in the target destinations were no longer able to meet their obligations due to the insolvency. This development, as well as the dynamic competitive situation in the travel market, made rescue difficult.

The insolvency administrator defended the decision to cancel all trips as necessary for the well-being of customers and FTI employees. Examining alternatives was essential in everyone’s interest.

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