aviation: New Trailbell for better safety and consideration in Austria’s mountains


With the start of summer, the most innovative mountain bike routes will be equipped with innovative mountain bike routes and hiking trails. This small bell, on the mountain bike or backpack, is intended to indicate the presence of cyclists and thus improve coexistence on the mountain.

Mountain biking remains one of the most popular summer sports in the Alpine Club, with many bikers using forest roads for ascents and hiking trails for descents. This practice is to be harmonized through the use of the Trailbell to ensure safety and the enjoyment of nature for all.

René Sendlhofer-Schag, the Alpine Club’s mountain bike coordinator, stresses the importance of consideration and respect for peaceful coexistence on mountain trails. The Trailbell has an elegant appearance, is comfortable and gentle, and offers a stable and stable stand, in addition to the safety of bicycle bells.

The Trailbell can also be muted on forest roads to preserve the peace and quiet in nature. Together with conscious driving behavior and driving technique courses from the Alpine Association, the Trailbell helps mountain bikers and hikers alike to enjoy the mountains safely and respectfully.

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