aviation: Regiojet system expand presence in Austria


The private rail and long-distance bus operator Regiojet had around 7.5 million passengers on board between January and the end of August. This means an increase of around ten percent compared to the same period last year.

Commercial rail transport accounted for 4.8 million passengers during this period. Regiojet is active on its own account in the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, among others. In the Czech and Slovak Republics, some public transport lines continue to be operated, the contracts for which were received through tenders. Overall, there were eleven percent more passengers on board in private rail transport than in the same period last year.

“Rail transport is a promising area of ​​our business. The increasing number of passengers in the first half of the year is undeniable evidence of the growing interest in public transport. “In addition to strengthening our existing commercial connections and improving services for passengers, we will put all our efforts into new international projects,” said Radim Jančura, owner of Regiojet.

The long-distance bus segment accounts for 2.6 million passengers. This means that Regiojet was able to increase by six percent. At the same time, RegioJet achieved very positive economic results in the first half of 2023. The total revenue for the train part reached CZK 1.7 billion. EBITDA according to IFRS standards is CZK 570 million. The total income of the entire RegioJet Holding amounted to CZK 2.3 billion.

The international route Prague-Brno-Vienna-Budapest was a success, with passenger numbers increasing by more than a fifth to 830,000 in the first eight months of this year. “We plan to build this successful route from April 1, 2023.” “We are expecting the arrival of foreign passengers and will increase capacity to meet the increased demand,” says Petr Kohoutek, CFO of RegioJet Holding.

The Prague-Ostrava-Kosice international train line, which runs from Prague to Košice via Olomouc, Ostrava, Žilina and the High Tatras, is very popular both in summer and in winter, when numerous passengers travel to the Tatras, which are among the most popular Travel and ski destinations heard everywhere in Czechs. The number of passengers transported on the Prague-Přemyšl international night line between January and August this year reached 160,000. The route is well used in both directions.

Preparations for international expansion

Regiojet facility to expand its international network. The airline plans to expand its operations towards the Ukrainian border and continues preparations for international expansion on the Přemyšl-Hanover and Prague-Berlin routes.

An application for open access to the rail network was submitted to the Polish railway authority UTK for the Przemysl-Hanover route, but no decision was made during the night. The next planned route is Prague-Berlin. The route will be clarified with the individual infrastructures. “We are planning the same services on the route as we do now on the rails. We will run three times in both directions between the two capitals. “The planned start of the line is in spring 2024. RegioJet is also investing in strengthening existing connections and improving the quality of service on existing routes,” says Petr Kohoutek, CFO of RegioJet Holding and Student Agency.

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