aviation: SAF: Air France-KLM invests in DG Fuels



The Dutch-French Air France-KLM group invested $4.7 million in US-based SAF provider DG Fuels. This facility in the state of Louisiana is intended to establish a production facility.

The group of companies says that they want to use the investment to speed up the construction of the SAF refinery. At the same time, access to around 75,000 tons of SAF annually has been secured. This will last until the end of 2029. Before that, an agreement comes into effect that stipulates that at least 600,000 tons of synthetic aviation fuel should be delivered from 2027 to 2036.

Over the last 12 months, more and more European airlines have announced that they have secured larger quantities of SAF. There is also marketing behind this, because from 2025 the addition of 12 percent SAF, where technically permissible, will be mandatory. The European Union’s plans call for the proportion to rise to 70 percent by 2050.

Many airlines see SAF as a kind of interim solution to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Since it is produced from renewable raw materials, it is believed that this fuel is much more environmentally friendly compared to conventional kerosene. The argument is that the carbon dioxide has already been bound and no additional oil comes from it is released. However, it is often not mentioned that carbon dioxide is also produced when SAF is burned in engines. It is technically impossible for this not to be the case.

Some airlines also try to present themselves as pillowders in green and go far beyond the mark when it comes to advertising SAF. Austrian Airlines knowingly advertised that it was not yet technically possible to operate a climate-neutral SAF flight from Vienna to Venice. The court convicted Mann of misleading advertising, including in the specific case of greenwashing.

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